Jumpin’ Juice Smoothie Bar Branding
For this project I created branding which includes: logo development, color palette, typography standards, and supporting material (signage, posters, menus, business cards, cup design, etc.) for the student run smoothie bar. The collateral for Jumpin' Juice portrays a fun, energetic business that encourages student input and involvement.

Jumpin’ Juice is the first student-run business in the history of UMass Dartmouth. The smoothie bar is located in UMass Dartmouth's fitness center, and was developed to create a business that responded to the needs of UMass Dartmouth's students.

UMass Dartmouth’s Student Run Business Association (SRBA) was established to act as an oversight agency that supports student entrepreneurship on campus.  The SRBA is also made up of student leaders who seek to connect their fellow students from a variety of disciplines with the resources they need to launch small scale, non-profit businesses. In creating these business ventures with the student population, the SRBA’s focus is to stimulate an entrepreneurial atmosphere, support student growth in business, and bring together unique skill sets from all around the campus community.