The Common Project
The Common Project is an organization that provides research, storytelling, and best practices to promote engaged citizenship. 

The project was co–founded by Jacob Miller (Political Science & English background) and myself in response to research on civic engagement in the Millennial generation. Concluding that Millennials use two main vehicles to participate in civic engagement: community and political action, we find that understanding the value and interconnectedness between the two can result in crucial benefits for a community. 

We provide support and inspiration to engage in the community by creating both a physical and digital medium to highlight stories of individuals that have impacted their community.

Developed content, photographed, illustrated and designed for the magazine. An important element for me was giving the magazine structure and rhythm, while simultaneously allowing the design of the page to reflect the individual featured.

Developed identity for The Common Project brand. Using the cyclical nature of the steps of The Common Project as a guiding theme, circles and perceived movement are repeated throughout the collateral.